Create Your Own Business And Sell Your Products Online

"Working with Kate has made a great difference for my teaching business. It helps me to have someone so inspiring to hold me accountable. I have gotten more done in the last month than I have over the last several months combined!!"

- Tanya J., @englishcoach_3ts

Being a Teacher can be the most rewarding experience, seeing your students learn and grow... But more often than not, teachers have to work crazy hours, for limited pay and opportunities. That's why so many teachers are deciding to go it along and create their own products or services to sell directly to students.

However, switching from Teacher to Business Owner can be a challenge, and involves many skills and knowledge that are not naturally known by most Teachers. That's why we have created this school! Over the last few years, we have made the transition from Teachers to business owners, learning along the way how to achieve some of the most basic, and most difficult aspects of creating products and selling them. But rather than keep this to ourselves, we wanted to share it with other teachers and help them realise their dreams of working for themselves, selling their own products, and creating passive income.

Our courses are designed to teach you everything from using your Social Media effectively to find paying clients (Free Course - What to post to get clients), strategising your daily posts (Content Calendar), and planning and creating your own products in order to create passive Income (Creating Your Own Business)

"Before all of this I had a lot of mental blocks around money and around the possibility of me actually ever being able to make a passive income from my own skills and knowledge. Now it seems totally possible!"

- Fiona, @birdsong_english